ECOP Conference Guest Speaker


June 11, 2015

On June 11, 2015 PAESPI took center stage and first billing as Resource Speaker in its 9th ECOP MGM.

Top-billed as Talent Mobility Amongst Professionals, PAESPI Board Director Rani Briones/Bo Le Associates Director introduced co-Board Director Patty Gallardo/Amrop Senior Partner & Managing Director who presented on behalf of the association.

Under an hour, Ms. Gallardo at the outset outlined the presentation content so that the 200+ audience would appreciate the coverage which was broken down into:

  • Defining Executive Search
  • Providing Industry Background i.e. what the practice of executive search is like in the Philippines
  • Introducing Code of Ethics
  • Founding of PAESPI in 2010, its membership, website and other accomplishments so far

Ms. Gallardo made sure to clearly define for the listening audience the exact origin, scope & processes of authentic executive search. She distinguished the C-suite oriented service from recruiting at lower levels such as Management Selection and Staffing Services.

She emphasized PAESPI was founded by long-time search practitioners seeking to leave a proper legacy. That Executive Search is a service bound by ethics, integrity and science. PAESPI’s advocacy is to make sure the Code of Ethics is communicated to the Business Community and constantly promoted through its multi-faceted efforts: public forums, publications, television appearances and collaborating with professional associations. She established PAESPI is signatory of the Integrity Initiative.

Ms. Gallardo painted a realistic picture of the state of the industry. Due to the low barrier to new entrants, there is a proliferation of so-called search firms that do not even know of much less practice ethics. Thus, there are so many malpractices committed everyday which Client Companies may wittingly or unwittingly be part of for lack of awareness.

Ms. Gallardo’s sharing was well-received. She closed the session by reminding everyone to visit PAESPI website regularly, be alert to unethical practices and not be part of any by making certain to be well-informed.