PAESPI stands for Philippine Association of Executive Search Professionals Inc. PAESPI is committed to the highest ethical standards, accountability, transparency and professionalism.

This is the first time that an association within the industry has been formed to help professionalize search firms while curbing malpractices in the industry.

Founded by four like-minded search firms in October 2009, PAESPI was formally registered with SEC on September 23, 2010. There are now six Member Firms in PAESPI. PAESPI main objective is to promote:

Code of Ethics
The Client Bill of Rights
The Candidate Bill of Rights

By disseminating the Code of Ethics and Bills of Rights, PAESPI will help curb the increasing number of malpractices that have been committed against Client Firms and Executive Candidates by unethical and so-called search firms. There are 70++ authentic and so-called search firms in the country today and with the increasing proliferation of unethical search firms, many more cases of malpractices will victimize Client Firms and Executive Candidates.

In 2013, PAESPI launched its initiative for “Advocacy Partners” to help give traction to promoting Code of Ethics advocacy. AP are private corporations, business chambers and professional associations that fully support PAESPI advocacy and their company names as well as logos are an integral part of PAESPI website.

PAESPI commitment emanates as well from shared belief that it can be one of the building blocks towards value transformation of fellow countrymen.

PAESPI further believes Culture of Integrity and Good Governance start with ethical, principled and competent business executives.

PAESPI will persevere to seek out these agents of change and role models of integrity to provide responsible leadership in their respective corporations.