PAESPI code of ethics

We are a group of local and international executive search practitioners popularly known as “headhunters”. Our focus is to identify outstanding and “best fit” executive and management talents for reputable companies that can offer better career opportunities.

For the first time in our industry, we have united to formalize and promote a Code of Ethics to highlight our standards of professionalism and ethical practices. These, we believe, will build strong and long-term partnerships with our Clients:

Integrity : We conduct our business with integrity by avoiding deceptive and misleading practices.

Loyalty : As Business Partners, we serve our Clients loyally by protecting their interests when conducting search engagements.

Competence : We perform all search engagements with competence, thoroughness and urgency and single-mindedly work towards customer satisfaction.

Tried and tested search process : We avoid short-cuts for the sake of expediency. Our process assures that only the most qualified candidates are endorsed within Client timeline.

Conflicts of Interest : We prevent or resolve, through disclosure and waiver, all forms of conflicts of interest.

While we commit ourselves to professionalism and ethical standards, we deplore certain industry malpractices that undermine our profession and credibility :

Conflicts of Interest:

  1. Instead of protecting the interests of Client companies, certain search firms “raid” the executive talent pool of their own Client firms to fill up positions for other companies.

  2. Certain search firms are known to “recycle” executives i.e. they place an executive in Client A and within a year or so, entice this same executive to join Client B.

Violation of Confidentiality : Without any authorization, some search firms indiscriminately distribute executive resumes, violating the confidentiality that executive candidates expect from them.

Predatory Marketing : Some firms “flood” Clients with resumes even without a search agreement and without prior permission from resume owners. Such practices should not be tolerated by reputable Clients desirous of promoting fair play and ethical practice.

Short-cuts : Many firms endorse resumes without the benefit of face-to-face interviews. The burden of screening, assessing and due diligence is off-loaded to the Clients. Worse, these so-called search firms get paid for it.

We call upon Clients to protect themselves from industry malpractices.

We invite search firms and client corporations to join us in our advocacy.